Ferro Alloys/Inoculations

We supply various grades of inoculation from barium to bismuth base in all grain sizes. We are also supplying best quality assured Ferro alloys


We supply Resins for making cores and molds. Our vendors are leading manufacturers in market and well known for supplying (Two-Part) No-Bake System, Cold-Box System and resins like Alfa-Set etc.

Sleeves & Filters

With years of experience in sleeves and filters, we supply markets best quality Sleeves for Direct Pouring in ductile/gray iron and Open as well as Blind sleeves for Steel and graded alloy steel casting manufacturing.

Molding Aids

Our sand additives like pitch coal powder-(for green sand molding) and breakdown agents-(for CO2 process) along with sandmix and other additives like core and mold sticking gums are best in market as proven for its best quality from years. Our resin coated sand is also highly demanded for special applications in the market.


Best quality coating are those with good refractoriness with good surface adhere property. We have large variety of coatings for every variety parameter, which may be high/low temperature of liquid metal, sand fusion, sand wash, casting profile, surface finish problems etc.


From removing slag to maintaining temperature of the ladle we have all kind of melting solutions. We also have this section for achieving best microstructure with uniform machine ability of castings.

Non-Ferrous Products

Our Vendors are best in market for all types of Raw Materials required for various processes in Non-Ferrous casting production. (For e.g. gravity die casting, high pressure die casting, melting, flux/slag removing, grain refinement, de-gassing etc).

Specialty Chemicals/Metal Paints

Our vendor for these products are renowned for special Rust Convertive paints/primers, epoxy paints/coatings, Water proofing agents, Anti Corrosive and High temperature paints for special applications.

An EN ISO 9001:2008 firm, offering a highly reliable Foundry Products such as Inoculants, Ferro Alloys, Sleeves, Filters, Sand Additives, Resins, Coatings etc. also Fettling and Machining Aids such as steel shots, grinding wheels, cutting tools and inserts.